The type of furnace employed for calcining is dependent entirely upon the product to be processed.

Raw material is feeded into the Rotary Retort by a dosing screw feeder, and the finished product is discharged automatically by other end. The rotating speed of the drum and helix can be step-less-changed.

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The raw material in the furnace contacting with process gas enough and equably, it is a perfect type of furnace to produce uniform material.

The unit incorporates energy saving features wherein the fresh air intake is preheated by the outgoing contaminants. Units have programmable microprocessor based controls and strategically positioned high velocity excess air burners to regulate heat input that surrounds and penetrates the load to provide close temperature control and uniformity. An energy efficient, low thermal mass fibre lining allows for rapid heating and cooling. This is especially important when production needs are variable, and range from dense, tightly packed small items to large, heavy parts which require complicated heating schedules or quick turnaround. Choices of electric or fuel fired models are available with designed for process temperatures up to 1050°C in various atmospheres.

Applications CERAMICS: Ferrites, titantes, steatites, alumina, substrates, porcelain, abrasives, glass , mica. Standard Features Exterior – Modular construction consisting of heavy gauge steel, welded and reinforced with structural steel members and outer cladding plates to form integral units.

Interior – Standard linings of energy saving multi-layer fiber insulation. Retort – Retort materials selected to meet process conditions. Positive tracking blades guides and support members amply distributed through the load zones. Drive mechanism and idlers provided with variable speed, positive traction and tensioning adjustments.