The quick quench drop bottom furnace is electrically heated and designed for installation above the floor level. The system’s quench tank is mounted on a transfer car that runs on rails. Load positioning and unloading is accomplished using a work table mounted on the same transfer car.

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Loads are raised and lowered by a hoist system. The system can be designed to automatically engage and disengage the work carrier from “hoist hooks” and these operations are electrically interlocked to alert the operator of any abnormal load conditions. Loading operations must be operator confirmed. Temperature range to 750°C.

Thermochem Furnaces Pvt. Ltd. is the leading drop bottom furnace manufacturers in India you can trust. Over the years, we have gained the trust and confidence of our global clients through a wide range of heating solutions. Our unit of drop bottom furnace manufactures in Europe supply furnaces that are very easy and user friendly. All the furnaces that go out of our manufacturing units meet required quality set by various outfits.

The drop bottom furnace manufactures in Saudi Arabia supply furnaces of inverted and standalone type. These furnaces have the facility to lower and lift charging, hence accommodating high-speed quenching, including de-clamping, door opening and quenching. Standalone type drop bottom furnace manufacturers in USA come with charge carrier loader and quenching tank. These types of furnaces are also fully automated with PLC and SCADA to make fast quenching possible. The drop bottom furnaces are best suited for aeronautical and forging industries.

The drop bottom furnace manufacturers in UAE use different quench media like water, glycol and polymer oils. The selection of quench media depends on the requirements of the process. The unique features of drop bottom furnace manufacturers in Australia include furnaces with the capacity of up to 20 MT. These furnaces are suitable for aerospace application for aluminium solution treatment. These devices can hold maximum temperature up to 650 Degree Celsius. These furnaces can use electrical power to heat. The drop bottom furnaces come with the programmable controller to maintain uniformity of temperature.

  • Less than Ten second quench; total load immersion
  • Automatic quench
  • No pits required
  • Designed to use a minimum of floor space
  • High capacity re-circulation fans
  • Microprocessor-based multi-zone programmable temperature control system
  • Microprocessor-based programmable sequence and warning system controls are provided
  • Control system can be interfaced with your computer system
  • Provide quick and easy access
  • Ensures rapid heat transfer and close temperature uniformity throughout work chamber
  • Assure maximum chamber temperature uniformity coupled with minimum heat loss to exterior surfaces
  • Maximum service life with minimum maintenance
  • The ability to preprogram time and temperature profiles for various products, as well as preprogramming start-up, shut-down and idling cycles.
  • Possibility of operator error is reduced, productivity is increased, product quality enhanced and time saved
  • Accommodate various degrees of desired automation
  • Data acquisition and feedback control
  • Solution Treating
  • Precipitation Hardening