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25MT per Batch Chamber Type Aluminium Log Homogenizing Furnace

Chamber/ Bogie type Furnaces for Homogenizing of Aluminium logs

The furnace have the provision of reversing airflow design with temperature control using an axial flow fan wheel which reverses rotation on a timed basis, in turn reversing the direction of the horizontal airflow through the load.

The air stream temperature is monitored and controlled on each side of the load. A thermal head is used during the early stages of the cycle for fast, efficient heating. This design increases both the heating rate and temperature uniformity of the load compared with one-way airflow, resulting in better efficiency, lower fuel cost, and improved metallurgical results.

Benefits :-
  • Temperature Uniformity :- Δt less than ±4°C at the end of the soaking time
  • Metal Heating & Air Heating control mode for faster heating & achieve higher furnace Efficiency.
  • Inert gas provision to prevent oxidation of charge materials
  • By pass /Separate Cooling arrangement for faster cooling after completion of heat treatment cycles
  • Furnace have the provision of connecting to you existing Industry 4.0 networks
  • Providing higher value to the customer compared to other suppliers
  • Maximum Demand Load management for Multi Furnaces installed without affecting the temp control system of each furnaces
  • Reversible Air Flow Design for better temp uniformity between left and right side wall of the charge load during heating & soaking
Applications :-

Homogenising of Aluminium cast logs